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Billings, MT and surrounding areas

Providing Canine PEMF Service


About Me

Callie has been an animal lover since she was a child.  Her family frequently gave a home to unwanted dogs that either just showed up in their yard as a stray or from owners who no longer could care for their dogs.

Her first dog as an adult was Harley, a GSD/Rottweiler mix that she adopted from the Billings animal shelter when he was 3 months old.  They both loved to hike, bike and roller blade.  Harley passed in 2003 from cancer at age 12.


Callie started training and competing in agility in 2002 with her Belgian Tervuren, Saison. She currently has 5 dogs, 4 border collies and 1 australian shepherd.

Agility has played a huge part in her life.  She understands that keeping her dogs fit and healthy is crucial to their success  in the ring.

Her dog Jag has a genetic disorder that has caused stenosis of the spine in his lumbar/sacral area.  She found PEMF through his rehab and he now lives a much more comfortable life! And that has led her to start Pulsed K9 to help dogs live a better life!

What is PEMF?

PEMF Therapy utilizes electromagnetic fields to create a pulsing, moving energy wave.  This energy wave helps to rebalance and regenerate our cells.  We are only as healthy as our cells are!

Science teaches us that everything is energy.  Energy is dynamic and has a frequency.  Energy is electromagnetic in nature. All atoms, chemicals and cells produce electromagnetic fields.  Every organ in the body also produces it’s own signature electromagnetic field.

The body contains over 70 trillion cells.  These cells communicate via electromagnetic frequencies and without this exchange, nothing happens in the body and life ceases.  This electromagnetic exchange controls tissue function.  Disruption in this exchange causes impaired cell metabolism – or disease.

PEMF Therapy enhances cell energy and optimizes cell function by delivering a low frequency pulsed electrometric field through a device that mimics the earth’s magnetic field in frequencies and intensities.  This painless and non-invasive modality keeps all 70 trillion cells in the body charged at an optimal level, allowing them to maximize oxygen, water and nutrients.

PEMF Therapy is the all-natural way to enhance wellness with the goal of combatting chronic illness.

Dog Walker at the Park
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